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Welcome to the official page for "Ludolph van Ceulen" Schermschoole der studente aan den Leidsche Universiteit (Fencing school for students of the University of Leiden). We give lessons in Historical European Martial arts based on historical sources and archeological research.

What weapons do we focus on?

  • Langes Messer
  • Sabre
  • Klewang & carbine

What is HEMA?

HEMA: Historical European Martial Arts.

Europe has a long standing tradition of martial arts which is in no way less impressive than the popular oriental martial arts. The arts practised in Europe have been used for many different purposes- such as fighting battles, settling personal disputes, self- protection or as a part of education of a well- born citizen. Parts of those traditions has unfortunately been forgotten over the course of time, however, several manuscripts and books have been handed down to us. These works were written by the masters of their time and disciplines, and here at Ludolph van Ceulen, we aim to revive those traditions and practise side to side with the spirits of the long- gone masters of fencing. Our training is based on historical sources and we fight using historically accurate steel weapons (with blunt edges) and their safe training replicas. Even though H.E.M.A. is based on historical sources, it has a modern spirit. Practitioners wear protective clothing which meet contemporary standards, and use a modern version of the pre-1950 CE weapons. This is the reason why H.E.M.A differs from re-enactment; the latter is not only focused on historically accurate, yet safe weapons, but also on historically accurate clothing and gear.


We train every Monday and Tuesday between 8 pm and 10 pm. The Monday training is a free session where you are free to study and practise whatever source you’d like. We play around with longswords, rapiers, Montante, polearms and much more. Tuesdays however are designated training sessions with an instructor. The training sessions are conducted in English.

The address is as follows:
Basisschool Lucas van Leyden Sint Ursulasteeg 28 2312 XA Leiden

First training is for free!
If you would like to join us, send us an email to or use the contact form on the website.


Oskar Ter Mors

Langes Messer

He has been practising H.E.M.A. since 2009, seeking a past-time that would unite his love of history and his wish to learn martial arts. Although he practices multiple weapons and systems, he is most at home when wielding a Langes Messer or a longsword. When teaching from Lecküchner's Langes Messer system, Oskar focuses on historical context, form and the application of principles.

Casper J. van Dijk

Langes Messer

He has been handling medieval and historical weapons since 2008 and have been teaching H.E.M.A. since 2015. Casper's interest lies particularly in as faithfully reconstructing historical techniques based on research and understanding their historical contexts. Understanding the ‘why’ question of techniques is thus an important part of the lessons he teaches. While Casper trains a host of different weapons and styles, his specialization is Lecküchner's teachings on Langes Messer.

Martin de Jong


Martin discovered H.E.M.A. in 2015. At first he started with longsword but soon he was drawn to the more one handed weapon styles like dagger and sword & buckler. As military fencing was added to his repertoire of interests, it was the klewang which became his favorite weapon. Reachersing the KNIL (Royal Dutch-Indies Army) treatises Martin studies not only how to fight with the klewang but also with bayonet and other weapons and styles which the KNIL could face against it. Martin’s classes are filled with history, context, form and most importantly fun and passion in this sport.

Anouk Post

Sabre & Spadroon

Anouk started doing H.E.M.A. in 2012. Although her interest includes various military fencing sources, she likes to focus on the British side of things. Using Charles Roworth's Art of Defence as a base she is a firm believer that the devil is in the details, and loves focusing on good posture and discipline. Her weapons of choice are the sabre and the spadroon.


Master of mathematics and fencing: Ludolph van Ceulen

Ludolph van Ceulen was born in the year 1540 and moved from Delft to Leiden around 1594, where he submitted a request to establish a fencing school on 9 June 1594. The city consented and granted him permission to establish it in the Faliedenbegeinkerk (what is now Rapenburg 70-74). Unfortunately, there are only a few remains of this building and no manuscripts left of his school in our time. In addition, most people would associate van Ceulen with his book Vanden Circkel. This work shows his recalculation of pi (which was also the inspiration for his memorial in the Pieterskerk in Leiden).

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